“The Letter” that unites Alain Daniel and Buena Fe

“The Letter” that unites Alain Daniel and Buena Fe

“The Letter” that unites Alain Daniel and Buena Fe

The Cuban singer Alain Daniel comments on the new song shares with Israel Rojas and Yoel Martinez.

suenacubano | 6/JAN/2016

The new album of the Cuban artist Alain Daniel is an album of collaborations, so the singer said in conversation with Suenacubano. One of the songs will include the album is titled “The Letter”, shared with the duo Buena Fe.

The work is an inspiration of Israel Rojas, one of the most outstanding composers of contemporary Cuban music, an approach that also shares the self Alain Daniel.


“Israel is one of the most intelligent artists of my generation. It was coherent and consistent in their words and that to me is very valuable. It is known that if I play mostly dance music, I do not like easy formulas, I like suspicion and everything that brings me something.

“This is the first time working with Israel, thanks to my younger brother Amed, a fan of good faith from the beginning. In my case I started to pay attention to his songs and his speech to become another of his admirers, “confessed Alain Daniel.

“We spent a few days together in Bayamo and there we agreed to record the song on our return and we specify what kind of song we wanted. A week later, Israel called me and said that I had a proposal. Loved once I heard it, “said the interpreter of the hit “Una Canita al aire”.

In a few days, “La Cartawill even have his video, says Alain Daniel: “In a few days we will be filming the clip we want to be ready for release in early February.”

Alain Daniel is happy the way people are taking his music and duets included in the new album. He is already working on a new song, which will record this time with Jose Alberto “El Canario”.

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