Pascualito y su Tumbao Habana

Pascualito y su Tumbao Habana

Pascualito y su Tumbao Habana

History goes back to 1980 in Guanánamo, eastern region of Cuba and cradle of Changüí -musical rhythm born in that province- under the sponsorship of Nueva Trova and Movimiento de Artistas Aficionados, a group of children played the Son Montuno in a very special way. The name of the musical group was Grey and it was the preliminary step of what is today is Tumbao Habana.

After that teen musical experience, some of those adolescents decided to undertake a project with the fundamental aim of assuming Son as their main musical genre although they will also approach Changüí, Chachachá, Mambo, Mozambique and other Latin rhythms highlighting Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia and Latin Jazz.

To endeavor this work, they looked for other talented musicians who had the same musical interest and using the name Tumbao (which is precisely the cadence of Son, the characteristic rhythm of regularly repeated sounds that distinguish Cubans from the rest of the world) and HABANA (because it is the Cuban capital and the place where soneros of the whole Island converge) and debuted as a musical group, on December 29, 1997 at the renowned Tropicana Cabaret.

Since then, this musicians have carried out a notorious work: The sonority they have created is such remarkable that they are recognized by an audience which precisely follows them due to the way they express Cuban popular music. This is possible not only for the talent of these young people but also due to the fact that they were graduated from different music schools.

Performances at different cities of Japan and Mexico, the most prestigious plazas in the country, tourist centers, radio and television programs, winners of several awards from national festivals and main responsibles of ”Tumbao Habana” CD under Bis Music label, having great national and international acceptance and the CD ” Ese huevo quiere sal” recorded for Karl Yor label, shape the artistic career of this band which having six years of foundation, it already occupies a highlight position among the most popular groups of the Cuban new musical generation playing danceable popular music.

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