Jacob Forever

Jacob Forever

Jacob Forever

Jacob Forever, Cuban interpreter that ventures in a big assortment of musical genres such like reggaetón, ballads and the fusion of urban music. He is one the biggest exponents of a movement where his name is synonymous of excellence. Together with Nando Pro, the DJ and producer of the band he has shaped a sound that highlights the best and most authentic mix of urban and Latin rhythms that rapidly counted with the acknowledgement of the international public.

His career relies on the albums “Más Duro” That was greatly accepted by the audience of the public since the release date, proving himself to the national and international market like a new musical product with great strength produced by Nando Pro; and the second album named “Son Muchas Cosas” helped him achieve collaborations with top of the line artists in Cuba. Actually he is working on his third album titled “El Inmortal” in which they will have guests of high international luxury.

In 2014 and 2015 his rising hasn’t stopped in the record industry with several national tours through Cuba Divided into 3 editions and a tour through the American continent starting in the EE.UU., then México, Canadá and Perú. In addition his summer tour through Europe with more than 20 shows in different countries of the old continent.

Jacob Forever since the early age of 17 he began his career as a professional singer in a show where he developed his ability as a skater and vocalist. His first steps rise from the movement of urban music in the project named “Made in Cuba”. The movement joined several Cuban young talent of the moment. His writing gift also linked him to the rap style and the flow of traditional Cuban fusions, leading him to reggaetón.

Jacob Forever as much as Nando Pro, where part of Gente de zona for a period of 9 years. Together they conquered multitudes in different countries of the world up until their separation in 2013 when the created Jacob Forever “El Inmortal” and his band. Actually they have various singles that reached to be number one in the Cuban radio and tv stations hit parades, The soloist and   the band are officially the first urban music entity, to be part of the catalog of first class companies like Musicalia and F & F Media Corp. that are in charge of management, booking and advertising.

In July  2015 Jacob released the single “La Rosa”.

Calle 18 No. 509, entre 5ta Ave. y 7ma, Miramar, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba Zona Postal: 10600 Teléfonos: (537) 2041212, 2041718, ext. 104 y 108 Fax: (537) 2048186 Contáctanos

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