Isis Flores y su Grupo

Isis Flores y su Grupo

Isis Flores y su Grupo

Isis Flores Adriana Betancourt, born in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba, November 23, 1974. From a very young man shows interest in music and dance.

At age 7 he entered the music Elemental Ernesto Lecuona, specializing in piano and choral singing. Upon completion of seven years of study, extended the average level in Havana, graduating as a teacher of choral conducting.

His motivation for dance led her to perform the specialization courses and dance techniques, dance and folklore canaries.
During his two years of social service groups created several music and dance with children of different ages with those who participated in various festivals.
Together this modeling work performed with the prestigious Russian designer Viera Reinoso.
In the beginning, was as a singer of the group Son Damas, then part of the group and later Novel Voice is part of the band’s singer David Blanco.

Now bears his solo career, alternately in international arenas.
In 2003, he made his debut with the video goes, the subject of his own authorship. With the given three Lucas Award nominations and reaching the top in the Hit Parade of the national radio. Has repeatedly been invited to participate in the awards show, with its own choreography.

In 2005 she presented with another hit in video: Bitter Wine, rising with the award for Best Pop Video of the Year, which gave him more opportunities in his solo career, allowing preparation for their first album.

In the most recent call Award Lucas scored five nominations for his video clip I’ll give you, winning awards for Best Female Figure, Best Performance and Best Pop Video.

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