Havana will be taken by the music of David Blanco

Havana will be taken by the music of David Blanco

Havana will be taken by the music of David Blanco

suenacubano | 17/FEB/2016

The singer and songwriter will present to the public songs from his upcoming album in several concerts this weekend.

This year will be released next album from David Blanco, entitled Free Life under the Bis Music label, and already popular musician made available to the public the songs in it.

Those who have not yet enjoyed its new proposals will have several opportunities this weekend.

“El Avestruz(The Ostrich)” is the single that currently promotes Blanco. According to the author, the song is dedicated to the selfish, hypocritical people and also reflects on the lie. With a catchy beat and lyrics typical of the artists music, this and other songs will form the repertoire of the concerts planned for 19, 20 and 21 next.

David White will sing for the first time on stage at the “Carpa Trompoloco”, the National Circus of Cuba (5th and 112, Miramar), on Friday February 19 at 6:00 pm. “I like that idea. I’ve never played in a circus, and we will make a slightly psychedelic concert, “he said excited at “Mediodía en TV”, a popular Cuban television program.


Also to perform at the Cultural Center Bertolt Brecht “On Saturday night we have a common presentation is a place I like it has much to do with the theater, with the audience bohemian night. I always try to act there when I have no other commitments.

Guests always go out there, and I have been with my brother Ernesto Blanco, Adrian Berazaín, Athanai, Qva Libre “he said. This concert will begin at 11 pm and as he said, “anything can happen that Saturday night.”

On Sunday David White will be responsible for the musical closure of the International Book Fair of Havana in Pabellón Cuba, at 6:00 p.m.


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