Haila y su Grupo

Haila y su Grupo

Haila y su Grupo

Huge torrent of Cubaness, voice carrying beautiful feelings and undoubted scene domain are the main adjectives to qualify Haila María Mompié González, artist that is currently classified as one of the most outstanding Cuban interpreters, faithful defender of Son, musical genre created in Cuba and well-known around the entire world.

Born in January 28, 1974, in Las Tunas, eastern province of Cuba, daughter of a singer father and a stylist mother, Haila started to feel devotion towards music since her early years and although she jumpstarted dancing firstly, she always felt a deep passion for singing.

After diverse years busy on dancing studies, as leyend says, in 1991, a young dancer raised her voice with an amazing tuning and a very special melody in such a way that Yaquelin Castellanos, famous Cuban singer, was astonished and proposed this girl, named Haila, to be part of her group, in this way, she made her bow in music as singer of Tradition Septet, cultivating Cuban traditional music.

A year after. she debuted as solo artist at ”Las Avenidas” Cabaret and later on, she was member of ”Habana Son” Group directed by saxophonist ”El Chino Lam”. Also in this year, she was requested to participate at ”Guajira Habanera” spectacle, touring around various Mexican scenes for the first time.


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