David Blanco y su Grupo

David Blanco y su Grupo

David Blanco y su Grupo

Coming from a generation of newtalents, passionate about Cuban music, David Blanco is currently, one of the most admirable composers and singers of Cuban musical scene.

Born on February 10, 1980, in Havana, he started to feel interested about music at very early ages, that’s why, his family fueled him to enter ”Alejandro García Caturla” School to remain there around three years entirely devoted to violin until he discovered another possibilities in the trumpet, achieving his master degree as instrumentalist and professor of this instrument, on 1998, being only 18 years old and he soon started to work in the prestigious conservatoire ”Amadeo Roldán”.

Along his scholar stages, he was member of Symphonic Orchestra for Children due to his excellent technical qualities, entering afterwards the Symphonic Orchestra for youngsters and at the age of 14, he made his first piano concert at the Napoleonic Museum.

Just in the middle of his adolescence, he was part of numerous bands approaching rock and jazz, it is just in this stage when he became interested about new sonorities and the Cuban music roots.

Being 17 years old, he joined the cultural project from the popular troubadour Gerardo Alfonso as pianist and keyboardist, plus various performances as guest musician in recordings of young rock groups.


Watch a full concert of David Blanco here

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