David Alvarez y Juego de Manos

David Alvarez y Juego de Manos

David Alvarez y Juego de Manos

David Alvarez, born in eastern Cuba, in the city of Manzanillo.
In 1994 he founded his own project with young musicians, graduates of art schools by name giver “Sleight of Hand.”

For all his experience, coupled with the fact possess exceptional vocal qualities as a sonero and troubadour David earned him create your project from its earliest performances achieved distinguished from other groups in the country.

The format of “Sleight of Hand” lets you take a wide variety of popular genres like: danzones, congas, country music, guaguanco, boleros, sones, guarachas. So has an extensive repertoire in various genres, some of them interpret international figures known as Willy Chirino with the song “Bongo”.

Since June 1995 he began to share scenarios in other countries toured Spain, Portugal, Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Germany, France being invited to festivals and fairs.

To this is added performances in plazas, theaters, night clubs throughout the country to the most remote places to enjoy great acceptance.

They have recorded three albums the first major recorded in 1995 which bears the title “Rimasones” ArtColor under the seal, the second recorded in 1999 entitled “Crazy World”, this time with British record company Tumi Music, the third recorded in 2003 is titled “Too” also Tumi Music record company, and currently is in the process a DVD, with the house EGREM discography.

David Alvarez y Juego de Manos has ceased to be a simple project to become himself, renewing the traditional concepts of Cuban music without detracting in the least from their roots.

Calle 18 No. 509, entre 5ta Ave. y 7ma, Miramar, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba Zona Postal: 10600 Teléfonos: (537) 2041212, 2041718, ext. 104 y 108 Fax: (537) 2048186 Contáctanos

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