Cultivating traditional Cuban music as a form of artistic expression: this was the premise for these six talented musicians, lead by the Cuban performer and musician José Leopoldo Álvarez Macias.  Sexteto Cubavana was formed in 1990 and from that time its art has been true to its initial aim.  Precisely because of that they are applauded at each of their performances, both in Cuba and abroad.

Perfect pitch, group members who are versatile and disciplined onstage, that’s the group’s raison d’être and they promote a broad repertoire which allows the audience to enjoy the ample spectrum of styles that make up the Cuban musical identity.  Boleros, sones, guarachas, cha cha chas, added to Caribbean rhythms and numbers from the Latin American repertoire…these take flight with Cubavana’s voices and in their performances, demonstrating their professional spirit.

Cubavanacontinues the tradition of a highly popular body of work, performing on prestigious Cuban stages such as  La Bodeguita del Medio, Marina Hemingway, La Casa de la Trova of Santiago de Cuba, Cabaret Internacional of Varadero as well as international tours to Mexico, the USA, Spain, France and to Turkey where they performed before audiences of more than a thousand people and shared billing with figures having the stature of Compay Segundo, the Buena Vista Social Club and Kerem Gorsev, a famous Turkish musician.  They demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and always managed to meet the expectations of audiences familiar with good Cuban music.

Among the many attributes of Cubavana is the ability to bend over backwards not just as musicians but as ambassadors of traditional Cuban music since in several countries they have given master classes and so surpassed the expectations of audiences of specialists as in the case of the conferences they gave at Tulane University in New Orleans.

Cubavana’s art has always impressed for its original manner of interpreting numbers by Matamoros, Benny Moré, Joseíto Fernández and the work of other more contemporary authors such as Adalberto Álvarez and Mayito Rivera.   The result is that Cubavana grows onstage and delivers a musical product that is immensely aesthetic and imbued with quality.

Therefore, unquestionable discipline, dedication and talent are the key words to describe this Cuban sextet made up of exceptional musicians who are giving their all to the genre of popular music. So it is not by chance that they have been described by the international critics as surprising, genuine and true exponents of Cuban culture.

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