Coral Latino

Coral Latino

Coral Latino

Musical Coral Latino is a group made up of young Cuban musicians and, since its inception in 1996, it has performed at different institutions and music centres such as the Adolfo Guzmán, Ignacio Piñeiro and Turarte where it has demonstrated its artistic professionalism and discipline.

Evidence of this lies in its ongoing work in the various cultural and recreational venues in the country, among these the Hotel Comodoro, Habana Libre- Las Cañitas, Capri- Salón Rojo, Festival Arte Rampa, Festival Boleros de Oro, Casa de la Música (Havana and Playa), Club Imágenes, at Marina Hemingway – Chan Chan and Papa’s, Club Habana Café, El Chévere, El Gato Tuerto and, at the present time, El Diablo Tun Tun.

On the international scene, its schedule has included shows in Greece, Lebanon, Mexico, Turkey, South Africa and Mozambique, Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, etc.

This group offers audiences a vast range of Cuban music, from the traditional right up to contemporary trends, with new sounds and daring new tendencies where one can appreciate a special style of playing Cuban music in general, with excellent quality and good technical expertise, without straying too far from their roots and customs.

They also play a significant international repertoire taking off from a distinctive Cuban point of view or flair in communicating or interpreting that music.

At the present time they are part of the Turarte and Egrem music rosters.

We truly hope that this group, under the leadership of its director Pedro Ariel, will carry our cultural message not only in Cuba but to Europe and all over the Caribbean, achieving the greatest benefit an artist can receive, recognition for the group.


Calle 18 No. 509, entre 5ta Ave. y 7ma, Miramar, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba Zona Postal: 10600 Teléfonos: (537) 2041212, 2041718, ext. 104 y 108 Fax: (537) 2048186 Contáctanos

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